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  • Rowtree Road Danes Camp Surgery
    NN4 0NY Northampton
  • 0844 736 1806

Optimum Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine

Optimum Healthcare Solutions provide a wide range of services for both the private individual and larger corporation. We are one of the main regional healthcare providers in the UK and as an established ISO 9001:2008 registered company our clients can rest assured that we alway try to provide the best possible evidence based solutions to their needs.

The company, initially founded in 2003 by the current Managing Director, Dean Payne, a senior physiotherapist of over 20 years, now incorporates three integrated departments, Optimum Physiotherapy, Optimum Fitness and Optimum Elite Fitness all of which work together to provide a full assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and performance continuum for all of our patients.

Optimum Physiotherapy currently has 26 clinical locations covering 9 counties and provides access to physiotherapy, acupuncture, Pilates, corrective exercise (clinic based), electrotherapy, reflexology and various specialised areas.

Optimum Fitness specialists provide biomechanical corrective exercise, core training, post injury/surgery rehabilitation (gym based) and general fitness programs to improve our clients quality of life and help protect against conditions such as Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease.

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